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Our Membership Process

Our Membership Process


Although each person comes into relationship with God as an individual, God takes each one and sets them in the midst of his family, the church. So we would encourage every Christian to become a member of a local community of Christians that loves the Word of God and cherishes the gospel of Jesus Christ.

At Christ Covenant, we think of membership as something more than agreement with a church’s statement of faith or vision for ministry. Becoming a member of Christ Covenant indicates that you are making certain commitments to this community of faith.

For this reason, we normally ask those who are considering membership to attend regularly for three months prior to joining the church formerly. The intent is that prospective members could learn more about the church and vice-versa, in order that upon membership, we may be appropriately prepared to serve side by side for the sake of the gospel.

Another important step towards membership is attending our 8-week class called Discovering Christ Covenant. We cover biblical foundations such as the gospel, conversion, discipleship and various aspects of our church life together.  This class is held in the spring and the fall and meets Sunday mornings at 10am. 

Steps to Membership

  1. Attendance: regularly attend for three months
  2. Discovering Christ Covenant Class: our biannual course taught on Sunday mornings at 10:00am
  3. Membership Interview: with an elder of the church
  4. Elder Affirmation: membership is approved by the board of elders
  5. New Member Introductions: before the congregation during Sunday worship 

For more information on the upcoming Discovering Christ Covenant class, please email Daniel Harman (