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Archives for March 2012

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April 1 - Like a Grain of Wheat: John 12:20-26

As we gather for the Palm Sunday service, Tom will take a break from our study in Matthew and turn instead to John's gospel. In the text for this week Jesus reveals that the path to glory is through suffering and even death. Of course he was speaking primarily of his own death the following week, although he was also establishing a pattern of suffering and glory for all wh...

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Preparing Our Hearts for Easter

Take a few moments this week to prepare your hearts and minds by remembering all that Christ has done on our behalf and for the glory of his Father. Remember the depths of your sin and the heights of God's grace and mercy in Christ. He is the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through him (John 14:6)....

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March 25: Jesus Christ: The Shepherd King: Matthew 2:1-12

This week at Christ Covenant, Tom will continue in the series Matthew: Promises Kept. The text for this week records how Jesus was received and worshiped not first of all by Jews, but by Gentiles who were strangers to the promise of the Messiah. To receive Christ is not simply to be aware of him, but to have a heart that is devoted to him....

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1 John and The Expulsive Power of a New Affection

We have been going through the letter of 1 John in our adult education class currently. This week we come to the familiar verses about that command "Do not love the world!" What does that mean? Are we supposed to eschew everything around us and retreat into spiritual hermitage? Certainly not! We are to move within the world with new affections that are fixed not on the thi...

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March 18: Jesus Christ-God With Us: Matthew 1:18-25

This week at Christ Covenant, Tom will continue in the series Matthew: Promises Kept. The text for this week proclaims the birth and the naming of our promised Savior, who has come to save us from our sins. Take some time to read the text and consider the sermon summary....

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Marital Love Looks Like This

What Did You Expect? is a book by Paul Tripp about how difficult it can be to love and cherish your spouse in the midst of the day-to-day realities of marriage. Here is a list of 22 descriptions of what that day-to-day kind of love looks like in a marriage....

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March 11: Jesus Christ, Son of Abraham: Matthew 1:1-17

This week at Christ Covenant, we will begin a new series through the first 4 chapters of Matthew. You can use the material here to prepare you and your family for worship, and you will also find fellowship starters to help you discuss the sermon with others....

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Hidden in the Heart

One of the consequences of the internet-trained brain seems to be an inability to hide very much - not much of the Word of God, to be sure - in our hearts. That results in a crippling weakness in the battle for godliness....

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March News and Announcements

Check out news and updates for the month of March....

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March 4: Luke Akins

This Sunday the candidate for the Family Pastor position, Luke Akins, will be speaking. The selection of a pastor is a profoundly important decision in the life of the church. Below you can learn more about Luke and his family, and about the process of selecting a pastor....

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