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Archives for March 2014

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Reaching and Teaching in Ecuador

We will be taking a team to Tambo, Ecuador March 29-April 6 with a ministry called Reaching and Teaching. Here is more information about our partnership with Reaching and Teaching...

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March 30: Jesus and the Discipleship Divide (John 6:60-71)

This Sunday, March 30 we will look at John 6:60-71, which forces followers of Jesus to consider the sincerity or lack thereof in their motivations for following him. Here are resources to help you prepare...

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Grieving, Hope and Solace

What do you say when someone asks you what happens after someone dies? This is not only a question that pastors are asked, but one that we ask ourselves when a parent, relative or friend dies. It is one of the most important questions we can ask and yet unfortunately many are ill prepared to answer it. Some even say the Bible does not speak to this issue. This is proven wr...

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Haiti Trip Report

A team went to Haiti March 5-9 for the biannual pastors conference in the northern part of the country. Here is a video snapshot of the trip...

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March 23: Sheep With No Shepherd (Matthew 9:35-38)

This Sunday, March 23 we will look at Matthew 9:35-38, where Jesus, moved by compassion, calls for his disciples to join him in serving the multitudes. Here are resources to help you prepare...

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It's Impossible But It Works

A faculty member at Jordan Evangelical Theological Seminary (JETS) summarized well the work in the Arab world: “it’s impossible but it works.” This fits the context and the profile of the work of JETS, the students’ and graduates’ lives and ministries, and the prospect of Christian mission in a Muslim world. Truly, it is impossible. But jus...

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The Prodigal God

Tim Keller has a way of making the familiar seem unfamiliar. This helps illuminate the meaning of that familiar story we are used to calling the "Parable of the Prodigal Son." The point of the story is really about the reckless patterns of both brother - one of them lost in irreligion, and the other lost even in the midst of religion....

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March 16: Jesus' Authority Over Life and Death (Matthew 9:18-34)

This Sunday, March 16 we will look at Matthew 9:18-34, where Jesus works many miracles in one day, proving his authority yet again. Here are resources to help you prepare...

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March 9: The Call to Follow (Matthew 9:9-17)

This Sunday, March 9 we will look at Matthew 9:9-17, whereJesus has established his authority over sickness, over natural and supernatural powers and over the spiritual realm leaving no one in doubt as to his glory. Here are resources to help you prepare....

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