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Book Review: The Disciple-Making Parent

Jesus commissioned His followers in Matthew 28, to go therefore and make disciples. This is the premise of Chap Bettis’s The Disciple-Making Parent. That we go therefore into our homes and make disciples, to cultivate a disciple-making family. Bettis work is a comprehensive guidebook for raising your children to love and follow Jesus Christ. ...

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Book Review: The Tech-Wise Family (Andy Crouch)

This smallish book (picture a thick iPad mini with an orange cover) pulls together ten commitments meant not so much to put detailed clamps on the aforementioned Apple device, but rather, as the subtitle suggests, to provide “everyday steps for putting [it] in its proper place.” ...

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Book Review: 14 Gospel Principles That Can Change Your Family

I often joke with others that while Paul David Tripp has only one note, it happens to be a very good note. Tripp relentlessly emphasizes the capacity of the gospel to produce genuine, God-honoring change in the lives of redeemed sinners. Therefore, parents should parent out of the realization that only God can change the hearts of their children. ...

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Book Review: Guidance and the Voice of God

Decision-making is inescapable. It’s something we do everyday. And for Christians our decisions are often compounded with questions of God’s will. We often ask, “What does God want me to do about X?” “Which job does God want me to take?” “How do I know if I’m in God’s will?” “What is his plan for my life?”...

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Book Review: The Meaning of Marriage

The Meaning of Marriage by Tim Keller with Kathy Keller aims to “give both married and unmarried people a vision for what marriage is according to the Bible”...

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Book Review: God's Big Picture

God’s Word is rich and complex, and it is not immediately obvious what the overall theme and focus of it is, even to many Christians. God’s Big Picture by Vaughan Roberts helps us in this. ...

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Book Review: Does Grace Grow Best In Winter?

Ligon Duncan's book "Does Grace Grow Best in Winter?" considers the purpose of suffering and helps believers prepare spiritually for when hardships occur. Suffering is not merely to be endured but a divine means to grow and mature in Christ. Duncan offers a great and thought provoking resource of encouragement in the face of trials. ...

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Book Review: Weakness is the Way

J. I. Packer's "Weakness Is the Way" is a series of reflections on 2 Corinthians that encourages Christians to embrace their weakness and find ultimate strength in Christ. Packer points out that human weakness is the stage on which divine strength is demonstrated and where the cross of Christ is most glorified. ...

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Book Review: Give Them Grace

Is obedience ever a bad thing? If our children listen to us and obey us doesn’t that mean that we are doing the right thing as parents? In this book, Fitzpatrick and Thompson expose the tendency to teach "moralisms" to children while losing the centrality of the gospel and failing to display God's grace to them. ...

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Book Review: Gospel Powered Parenting

William Farley's book Gospel-Powered Parenting asks us to extend out thinking about the gospel to grasp how it is the power of God for all of life, especially for marriage and parenting...

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Book Review: Made for More

Hannah Anderson's book Made for More reminds us that as God's image bearers, we have eternal purpose in all that we do, even in the most mundane tasks of life....

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Book Review: Love Walked Among Us

Paul Miller’s book Love Walked Among Us is a study of Jesus and how he loved people during his ministry on earth. If you hit the roadblocks of selfishness, apathy, or tiredness when you try to love people, you will be refreshed by the hope and grace held out to believers in its pages....

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Crazy Busy

During 2014 we'll be providing a series of book reviews on the blog. We begin the series with a review of Crazy Busy by Kevin DeYoung....

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