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A Community of Counselors: Colossians 3:12-17

Sermon Summary: 

God has intended the church to be a unique place and the primary means of our transformation into the image of Christ. Contrary to current thought, God has graciously suited and designed his people to be used by the Spirit to aid one another in putting off old habits, patterns, and destructive behaviors. At the same time we are called to encourage and stimulate one another to put on compassion, kindness, forgiveness and love. This will come about primarily through the Word of Christ dwelling among our people through mutual teaching, encouragement, and even correction where appropriate.


Fellowship Starters

Loving God's Glory

Describe your practice of meditating on the gospel of Jesus Christ.

How does meditation on the gospel help us to overcome the dangers that are present in either giving or receiving correction?

Loving God's People

To admonish means to warn, rebuke, or correct. Describe the fear you have when you find it necessary to serve someone with admonishment.

Explain the difference between criticism and correction. What is the result of coupling correction with reminders of the gospel?

How does a fellow Christian's correction help to offset the deceitfulness of our hearts?

Loving God's World

What effect does a church that is transforming through mutual encouragement and correction have on the world and whether non-Christians believe the reality of the gospel?