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April 1 - Like a Grain of Wheat: John 12:20-26

Sermon Summary

During the last week of his earthly ministry, Jesus reveals that the path to glory is through suffering and death. He enters this week of humiliation knowing that through his death many sons will be brought to glory, just as a seed of wheat needs to die to produce much fruit. Not only does Jesus disclose his mission to us, but also sets a pattern of living for us: that all those who want to follow him must embrace the same selflessness that he demonstrated in going to the cross. If you want love your life more than Christ than you will lose both, but that if you hate your life in this world you will gain eternal life and unending relationship with Jesus Christ.

Fellowship Starters

How is God glorified in the obedience of Christ (John 12:28)?

Jesus is called both the Son of Man (a title of preeminence) and yet he is presented as the suffering servant. How does suffering lead to glory and honor?

Identify two loves in this life that you have set above the priority that the kingdom of God should receive.

How can you use this text to encourage someone to suffer well or to honor God in the midst of a difficult decision? How can this passage be used to admonish a brother or sister who is wrongly pursuing worldly success and honor?

How does this passage encourage you to believe that suffering for his name’s sake will lead to the blessing that God promises?

How do faithful suffering and willing self-sacrifice confirm the authenticity of the Gospel?

When you present the gospel to a non-Christian, how do you explain the role of obedience to Jesus in regards to gaining eternal life?