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April 15: Jesus Christ-A Despised King, Matthew 2:13-23


Matthew 2:13-23

Sermon Summary

In this passage we see God’s providential hand working to accomplish the mission of the Messiah in spite of threat, hatred, and active rebellion of the world. Even though the Messiah’s coming was foretold in the Scriptures in order to prepare a people to receive him as their king, still there is not simply ignorance towards this promised child, but even bitterness that spills over into an attempt to destroy him: an attempt that begins at birth and carries on throughout his ministry. Nonetheless, God’s providential hand guides and protects the life of the Messiah until the hour will come at last for the Father’s plan to be fulfilled, an hour that will not be hastened or thwarted by the rebellious schemes of the world.

Fellowship Starters

How does the fulfillment of Scriptures as seen in this passage encourage you to consider the faithfulness of God to providentially unfold his will?

Describe God’s providential hand in the life of the Messiah from Matthew chapter 2.

Why does the gospel engender such hostility from others? Has this hostility or fear of it ever silenced your witness? How can you move past this fear in regards to the sharing of the gospel?

How can you encourage your brother or sister who may be facing hostility in regards to the gospel and their witness for it?

Speak to the characteriitcs of Josehp’s obedience to the revealed word of God. In what areas of your life do you need to be more responsive to the Word?