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April 29: Celebrating God's Grace Together

Sermon Summary

This Sunday we will take a break from our series through the first few chapters of Matthew in order to celebrate the beginning of Christ Church Rolesville. The leadership and members of Christ Covenant Church have spent several years praying for and looking forward to the time when our body would be able to plant a church, and that time has now become a reality. We are grateful for the way that God has brought Daniel and Amy Savage to this church and has used their ministry here for our good and for their preparation to now lead the establishing of a new body. As we gather this Sunday we will consider together how God has led us to this point. We will also look forward to the future, encouraging Daniel and the church plant team as they launch out on this new journey. Finally, we will consider the ways in which we who remain at Christ Covenant may support and pray for the church plant team in the days to come. Please prepare your own heart and mind to reflect on the significance of this occasion as we give thanks for all that God has done.



Fellowship Starters

  1. What is partnership in the gospel and how does it fuel our relationships between churches and between individuals?
  2. Speak to the relationship between the authority of Christ and the willingness of the church to move forward in sacrifice to plant a church and to evangelize a community?
  3. What is the role of faith in living a life that is pleasing to God and embracing sacrifice for the kingdom? What acts of sacrifice have your practiced to display the worthiness of Christ in your life?
  4. How has God expressed his grace to you through the church to bless or encourage you?
  5. If you are remaining at CCC, what tangible expression of faith can you exercise toward the support of CCR? If you are leaving to join CCR what tangible expression of gratitude can you exhibit for the grace of God that has come to you through CCC?
  6. In what ways does the process of one church planning another church result in joy for God’s people and glory to God?