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August 19: God's Grace in the Life of Jonathan Edwards

Sermon Summary
God uses the example of saints of old to strengthen us in the faith (Romans 15:4). As we see the grace of God in the live of others it does encourage us that despite the brokenness of humanity, God still uses people for his purposes. Seeing God's grace in the lives of broken saints encourages us to hope that God may also work in us. It also demonstrates the expansiveness of God's grace that he never leaves a place or time untouched by his goodness - we see in vivid color his faithfulness in all times and generations. This year we will reflect on God's grace in the life of Jonathan Edwards. Although his life was short in terms of years, he had massive impact on his culture and on the church of New England. Hebrews 11:4 "And through his faith though he died, he still speaks."

Fellowship Starters
What kind of fruit is born out of a genuine conversion and how do you see this evidenced in your own life?

Speak to the degree to which you live in the reality of both heaven and hell. What promotes or prevents this in your life?

Jonathan Edwards spoke much about the growing affections in the life of a genuine believer. Describe the presence or absence of affections in your life. Why is this so?

Living for the glory of God was central to Jonathan Edwards life. To what degree to meditate on the glory and beauty of God? What promotes or prevents this in your life?