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Book Review: Made for More

IMG_3385This is Kayla Akins' review of Made for More: An Invitation to Live in God's Image by Hannah Anderson (Moody, 2014, 174 pages). You can purchase a copy of Made for More online or in our church bookstore.




madefromoreandersonWhy am I here? Who was I created to be? And for whom was I created?

In her recent book Made for More: An Invitation to Live in God's Image, Hannah Anderson seeks to answer and gives explanation for these very questions, rooting her responses in our existence as God’s image bearers. In an easy-to-follow style, Anderson reminds the reader of truths they likely know as fact but frequently fail to live in light of: that we are created for His glory, that we are His image bearers, and therefore that even the most mundane task comes with eternal purpose.

Anderson’s book was full of encouragement and hope especially for those who wear many hats (which happens to be most of us!). All too frequently we lose sight of our most basic and ultimate identity and instead become consumed with titles, roles, successes, and accomplishments, while forgetting our foundation. Made for More points to something bigger and calls us to consider greater realities, resting our identity in the image in which we were created. It’s “not a call to do more but a call to discover that we already are more.”

This book was truly a delightful read and easy to relate with. It was a timely encouragement to me to continually cast my insecurities aside and rest fully in Christ as my new identity. I found new hope surfacing with this grace-filled reminder!

While primarily written with women in view, I have no doubt that all would benefit from this book, especially from Anderson's repeated and engaging emphasis on living in light of our identity as God’s image bearers.