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Christ Covenant Update #1: God Cares for His People Through the Generous Care of His People

"God cares for his people through the generous care of his people. He demonstrates his faithful provision through the faithful giving of his people."


I want to give a brief elder update, on our intent to stay in touch, and encourage faith, during this exceptional time.  There will be a string of topics covered in the following weeks, answering questions we’re being asked, and generally just giving updates. The first one, this one, will be on giving.

Acts 2 - The Church Meeting Needs 

The situation in Acts 2 was both unique and wonderful, as those early believers were so glad to be together, in the faith, and so generous in their affections for each other, that when some in the group had financial/material needs, other would literally sell some of their stuff and share the proceeds with those who had needs. 

Now, this passage has often been debated as a case for, or against, socialism, and while that discussion may heat up with the political discourse of coming months, it would be shame to focus on an economics argument, and miss the beauty of God’s love being on display among real people, living real lives. It really was a counter-cultural display of priorities, and it was noticed by those around them, who recognized that they were Christians because of their love for each other. Their caring actually ended up being foundational to their effectiveness in evangelism, and the spread of the faith.

Meeting Needs During the COVID-19 Crisis

In recent weeks, we’ve been seeing a glimpse of that counter-cultural love right here at Christ Covenant, as our members are acting like a body, with needs being met by brothers and sisters, in real, tangible ways. You see, some of our folks are experiencing challenges that they might not have imagined just a month or two ago, and are finding that God is demonstrating His care for them, and His generosity, through the care and generosity of others here in their local church. I’m not sure how helpful numbers are, with this sort of thing, but I think over 50 people have offered help so far.

How does that work? It’s pretty simple. It’s sort of like how the early church kept a list of widows, that they knew would need extra care from time to time. As we hear about needs here at CCC, we have a list, obviously confidential, that is maintained, along with another list of folks who have reached out and said that things are going well enough for them that they are in a position to help others, whether that’s financial help, carrying someone to the store, running a helpful errand, or any of a number of other ways.

The bottom line is that in some very real ways, just as in the early church of Acts 2, our folks are sharing with others in need, out of grateful and generous hearts. The leadership is greatly encouraged by this, and more importantly, we know God is pleased as His people, act like Him, for His glory.

How You Can Give

Many continue to ask how they can help during this time. We’d ask you to continue in the faithful giving you are already doing. That includes giving here at CCC, which still needs to continue, as we want to care for the staff, and missionary partners, and yes, these facilities, even in these tough times. You can give online or by sending a check in the mail.

I would add that we are discussing ways we can tighten the belt here at CCC, since we know that it is very possible, if not very likely, that some will not be able to give in the way they normally would during this season. We’re confident God will meet the needs of the church, thru your faithful giving, but we still want to be good stewards, whatever that looks like. 

Finally, and as a summary , if you have needs during this time, or you might be in a position to help others in need, email Nik Lingle ( so we can get you on the list, and help facilitate more of the care that you’re already doing so well. 

We are thankful for you and your faithfulness.