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Clifton Missions Trip Update

Below is an update from the Clifton Missions Trip Team answering the question, How has your faith been impacted/encouraged more in God through your time in New Jersey?



adamcAdam: I really enjoy how close to God I feel when I put myself out there into uncomfortable yet important situations.  I feel close to Him because I feel so dependent on Him to be able to do the task at hand, which for this trip was evangelizing.  It causes me to be almost constantly in prayer:  before, during and after a gospel conversation.  Praying for God to glorify Himself, to enable me to speak clearly, and for Him to open hearts and save souls.  It is also an encouraging and joyful moment when He enables me to recognize where and how He is working in people and I get to participate in this work with him.  


Annie: I went to Clifton two years ago. I was afraid to even hand someone a card inviting them to the church. Since my last trip to Clifton, my relationship with Christ has changed from a belief system to a trusting relationship where my complete trust is in Christ alone. God worked in me so much that I now enjoyed and was even excited to talk to people about their religious beliefs. I understood that they weren’t rejecting me, they were rejecting God. It’s amazing how other people’s doubts in Christianity make my faith stronger. I see these people lost and it makes me so happy to have God in my life. 


Kristen: I felt like throughout this trip God gave me a growing confidence in sharing the gospel, as well as a growing joy and satisfaction in him. It was amazing to see God at work in the spiritual interest surveys that we did, as well as serving alongside the church doing various outreach programs. I was really encouraged seeing COHC living out the gospel as they seek to share the Good News in a very diverse culture. What a great and awesome God we serve! 


laurenbw4 copy

Lauren: This trip showed me in greater measure what darkness and blindness is and renewed my appreciation for the rich inheritance I have been given in Jesus. I was humbled again by God’s kindness toward me in drawing me out of darkness and placing me in his kingdom of light. In talking with people during the spiritual surveys, I was burdened with the reality of how dark life is apart from Christ. It’s a scary work engaging others with the gospel and confronting darkness, but I was encouraged in remembering that Christ entered darkness on our behalf. We are to continue penetrating it with the truth of the gospel. It was exhilarating to see God’s Spirit speak truth and shine light through our team as we sought to make his name great in Clifton, to see God glorify himself as we chose to trust him.

maryastacMary Asta: On the Clifton missions trip God showed himself to me in multiple ways, but one small incident stands out clearly in my mind. It took place at a small shopping strip while we were conducting spiritual surveys. There I clearly saw God place a certain man in our path and felt the Lord urge me to speak to him. In the exchange that followed we were unable to fully address the gospel, and it revealed the man's strong doubts about Christianity. However, remembering God's gentle prodding in my heart and His guidance of those events, I'm convinced that He will use that conversation for His glory. It was a precious moment where I walked away feeling the joy of being used as one of God's instruments.