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Coming Up: Matthew Sermon Series

These sermons through the first few chapters of Matthew will show how Jesus Christ is the fulfillment of so many promises in the Old Testament. We will learn to honor Christ as our King, worship him as the Son of God, and follow in the path of faith that he has marked out for us.


 March 11
Matthew 1:1-17 
Jesus Christ: Son of Abraham 
 March 18
Matthew 1:18-25 
Jesus Christ: God With Us 
 March 25
Matthew 2:1-12 
Jesus Christ: The Shepherd King 
 April 1
Palm Sunday 
 April 8
Easter Sunday 
 April 15
Matthew 2:13-23 
Jesus Christ: A Despised King 
 April 22
Matthew 3:1-12 
Heralding the Coming King 
 April 29
Church Plant Launch 
 May 6
Matthew 3:13-17 
Affirming the Beloved Son 
 May 13
Matthew 4:1-11 
Tempting the Son of God 
 May 20
Matthew 4:12-17 
Ushering in the Kingdom of God