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December 9: The Adoption of Sons (Gal 4:4-7)

Sermon Summary

During the Christmas season, we have great cause for celebration as we consider that Jesus has come to make sons and daughters of God. The Christmas story is that Jesus was born like us--of a woman, under the demands of the law--so that he might redeem us from sin and shame, that we might be adopted to enjoy full rights of sons. The celebration of Christmas is not only about adoption, but also the imparting of the Spirit to confirm to us this great gift. Through the redemption of Jesus CHrist, we are not only made sons, but we are given the gift of the Holy Spirit so that we can call God Abba Father. Consider the glories of adoption this season--that you have a new identity in Christ confirmed through the power of the Spirit.

Fellowship Starters

  • How would you describe the human predicament addressed by Paul in Gal 4:1-3?
  • Explain the significance of the expression "in the fullness of time." How does this help us in times where we feel like God is silent?
  • In this gospel story, how does the humanity of Christ encourage you?
  • How are your affections for Christ increased as you consider his work in adopting you into the family of God?
  • What are the benefits of being adopted into the family of God?
  • How have you built your identity on temporal things as opposed to defining your life by sonship in Christ?
  • How has the Spirit confirmed your sonship?


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