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Elder Candidate Introduction

The elders of Christ Covenant are please to recommend Larry Frerichs for the position of elder. We encourage you to connect with Larry to get to know him better, and to pray for him during this 30-day period of consideration. If you have any questions, please feel free to address them to Larry directly, or to one of the current elders.

Pray specifically that the Lord would fill him with wisdom and the Holy Spirit, that he might be particularly suited to serve in all that God calls him to in this role.


From Larry:

My wife Marcia and I have been members at Christ Covenant for the past 14 years. We have 3 children, Julie, Stephen and Allison, and we are thankful that they have grown up attending Christ Covenant, receiving excellent teaching each week. We have enjoyed a warm sense of community and God has given many dear friendships to us over the years.frerichs2

Concerning ministry, Marcia and I have enjoyed ministering together primarily as we have been involved with small groups. We have led several discipleship groups – covering how to grow in Christ, the character of Christ, the Gospel, a young men’s Bible study, Biblical view of finances, and recently sermon discussions. We have enjoyed growing together as we have interacted over the Word with many of you.

I think I will always aim to be involved with small group ministry. I think this format is ideal as it provides for personal teaching, mutual encouragement, study of the word, a time for prayer and a measure of accountability. In combination, over time, the Holy Spirit can work through these means and have great impact in our lives. If you are not in a small group now, I would highly encourage you to become involved in one in the coming months. It will be a blessing to your life.

I look forward to serving our local body here at Christ Covenant, and I ask for your prayers that God would help me do this by his grace and for his Glory.