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Fasting Together: A Guide for June 2019

Resources for fasting and praying for redemptive community

Fasting Together 2019


Read and Reflect

  • Redemptive community means a community of people who are sharing in Christ together, both based on and pointing to the redemption that we have in him. It is a community full of biblical fellowship. According to J. I. Packer, true fellowship has two main components: "It is, first, a sharing with our fellow-believers the things that God has made known to us about himself, in hope that we may thus help them to know him better and so enrich their fellowship with him. Fellowship is, secondly, a seeking to share what God has made known of himself to others, as a means to finding strength, refreshment, and instruction for one's own soul."
  • One Another - The Bible & Community, Tim Challies
  • Fellowship Rediscovered, John Loftness
  • John 13:34-35
  • Acts 2:42-47
  • 1 John 1:1-4


  • Pray that we would regularly think of God's love for us through Jesus Christ, who gave himself for us to cleanse our sins and bring us back into fellowship with God. Pray that our regular reflection on these things would lead to true fellowship with other believers.
  • Pray that conversation about spiritual things would be a normal part of all relationships at Christ Covenant. Pray that care groups and Bible studies in particular would be effective means of creating this kind of culture.
  • Pray that we would grow in freely speaking of God's work in our hearts with others, so that we might glorify God for his work in us and that others might be encouraged to know what God has been doing.
  • Pray that we would learn to depend on one another in the midst of need, and that we would joyfully celebrate with one another in times of blessing.
  • Pray that we would selflessly prioritize the needs and concerns of others above our own needs and preferences.
  • Pray that we would be faithful in the various expressions of true fellowship: worshiping together, praying for one another, using our spiritual gifts to serve one another, carrying one another's burdens, confessing sins to one another, correcting one another when needed, and practically serving one another.