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Finding Your Place in Church

How do you decide where to sit each Sunday when you arrive at church? For most of us, rather than exercising our free will, we move forward on auto-pilot, inevitably arriving at the same seat we left behind last Sunday, and the Sunday before, and the one before that, etc. This means the faces you recognize best are those whose auto-pilot leads them to the seats beside “yours.” And the effect of all this is restricted familiarity with the congregation as a whole.

So why not take a new approach to finding your place in church next Sunday? Choose a new chair. And don’t settle for one chair away from your normal—migrate to a whole new region. Once you’re there, get to know the people you find there. They may be new to the church, or just new to you. Either way, consider invite them over for lunch or at least write their name down and make sure you say hello again next Sunday. You might even consider staying in your new seat for several Sundays in a row before switching things up again.

One other bit of encouragement: once you’ve found your seat, we’d encourage you to stay in it through the whole service if you're able. You may have noticed, especially if you sit in the back half of the auditorium, there can be a lot of movement throughout the service as people are leaving and reentering the room, which is distracting unless you have an unusually acute ability to focus. So if you’re a parent, please consider taking your children to the restroom before the service starts. If you’re an adult, please consider taking yourself to the restroom. Let’s all contribute to the effort to minimize distractions on Sunday mornings.

Of course, the goal in all this is to love our neighbors as we do ourselves. “Above all, keep loving one another earnestly” (1 Pet 4:8).