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Isaiah: God Saves (Sermon Series)

The message of the prophecy of Isaiah is summed up in the meaning of his name: "Yahweh is salvation." This fall, beginning August 25, we will be going through key passages in this lengthy Old Testament prophet. Below is an introduction to the book. If you are able, take some time in the next couple week to read through Isaiah and to try to understand the general message of this beautiful part of the Bible.


Introduction to Isaiah

Isaiah lived during the decline of Israel in the shadow of Assyria. He spoke the word of God to a people who were “deaf and blind” (see 6:10), who refused to listen to his warnings of looming disaster. He warned that the sin of the people of Judah would bring God’s judgment, yet he also declared that God is sovereign and would use Cyrus the Persian to return them from exile. The book speaks of a “servant,” a “man of sorrows,” who would be “pierced for our transgressions,” accomplishing God’s purposes of salvation (52:13–53:12). The final chapters give a beautiful description of a new creation in which God will rule as King, judging the wicked and establishing eternal peace. Isaiah prophesied about 740–700 b.c. (possibly till the 680s).



If you have an ESV Study Bible, check out the introduction, which has pages of information about the theological themes and historical setting of Isaiah's prophecy. It is also available online if you have an account with ESV.