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July 1, What Can Man Do to Me? Psalm 56

Sermon Summary
In Psalm 56, David speaks to the despair over deep threats from his enemies. The question before us is, how should we respond to people who attack, back stab, or through misinterpretation wound us deeply? How can we face our fear of others? As David draws us into the struggles of his life, we see him crying out in a prayer for deliverance to God. He lays his complaint before the Lord honestly, "My enemies trample on me all day long." Yet we see David turn to God in dependence. His example reminds us that fighting the fear of man begins with considering the care and compassion of God. Consider, what distress are you experiencing because of another person in your life? Do you respond by considering the care and goodness of God? Do you believe that God is still sovereign and our enemies are not? Put your hope fully in our compassionate God who will deliver.

Fellowship Starters
How does the unchanging character and purpose of God give us confidence in the face of enemies who manipulate and malign us?

What is the most important thing you can do in response to enemies and the distress brought on by tension in relationships?

Consider the example of how Joseph treated his enemies in Genesis 50:19-21. What was it about God's character that gave Joseph confidence? How can you reflect the same spirit as Joseph did in the difficult relationships in your life?

How can you encourage another believer this week with the truths of Psalm 56? Do you know someone who is in the midst of conflict and seeking to respond in a godly way to enemies? What specific counsel can you give them from this text?

How does the gospel motivate us towards forgiveness rather than retaliation? How did Jesus treat us when we had made ourselves his enemies?