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July 22: I Have No Good Apart from You. Psalm 16

Psalm 16 invites us to delight in the Lord. But how can we find such joy in God? In this psalm David shows us that the path to joy is through a singular devotion to God. Making God our greatest good, finding fellowship in the community of faith and resting in his sovereign care lead to find a deep delight in God. This delight in God is not abstract but practical in terms of wisdom, stability in shifting times and the promise of joy both now and forever that God himself will give. Walking in devotion will lead to delight. What is your greatest joy? What makes you most happy? Please read this psalm prayerfully asking God to reveal himself to you in and through it.

Fellowship Starters
Explain 'I have no good apart from you'. Look at Psalm 73.25 and speak to the things that threaten this.

How can we make God our greatest good when we have many goods around us (see James 2.17)?

How should the community of faith develop a greater delight in God? Give examples of what you have done for others.

What other 'gods have you run after' in pursuing delight and what sorrows have they created?

Share a time when God imparted wisdom to you in the midst of struggle.

How would you describe the eternal pleasures at God's right hand to a non-Christian?