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July 8: I Wait Patiently. Psalm 40

Sermon Summary
This psalm is seeking to fortify the believer's hope in the midst of present trials by rehearsing the past mercies of God. David, a friend of God who is facing great trials, goes back to God's past acts of deliverance to remind himself of God's faithfulness even when he was faithless. After mentally reviewing all of God's past acts of mercy, David's hope is again restored and renewed that God will deliver him, to the point that he says, "May all you seek you rejoice in you and...say continually 'Great is the Lord!'" Can you speak to God's past acts of mercy in your own life? Whatever situation you are currently facing God has given you a history of his grace that you can draw upon for hope for the future.

Fellowship Starters
When have you patiently waited for the Lord? How have you seen God's deliverance through these times?

What do you see as the divine intention of the "miry pits and bogs"? What is the God's purpose and goal in delivering us from such "bogs"?

What is there in your life over which you could testify of God's goodness and steadfast love? Would it be a sin to not testify of his steadfast love and goodness in the midst of the congregation (Ps. 40:9-10)?

What about God's character emboldens David to approach God despite his own sin? When you suffer because of trials of your own making, what encouragement do you have to appeal to God as David did?

Can you say of yourself, "I am poor and needy yet the Lord takes thought of me" (Ps. 40:17)? Why or why not?