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June 17, Have You Forgotten Me? Psalm 42-43

Sermon Summary

As we continue our "Cry of the Soul" series through the Psalms, we will consider Psalm 42-43 this week. The writer is in a desperate place as he feels forsaken by God, taunted by his enemies, and overwhelmed with the trials of life. He feels attacked from within and without, which leads to his heartfelt cry: "Why are you cast down, O my soul, and why are you in turmoil within me?" Relating to the honest plea of the author is not difficult for any of us often times . . . but be encouraged as the writer encourages himself to "hope in God" as he considers the sovereign goodness of Jehovah. The writer is aware that God is his deliverer and in spite of the genuine struggle, he takes refuge in God's sovereign love. As you look forward to gathering on Sunday, encourage your hearts in the hope that we now have in Christ who "commands his steadfast love" even in the midst of real turmoil!

Fellowship Starters

Describe a time when you could relate to the Psalmist's statement: "My soul is cast down within me." What helped to "bring you out"?

When are you most susceptible to feelings of despair? And how can you prepare or guard against spiraling defeat?

What are some of the ways provided in Ps 42-43 to fight spiritual depression?

How does the writer give evidence for his belief in the complete control of God over all things, and how does this belief encourage you in the midst of trial?

Why do you think the writer finds such joy in remembering the public procession "to the house of God" and joyous praise with the "multitude keeping festival"? Do you have similar joy when considering the public gathering on Sunday?

Note the Psalmist's confidence for future deliverance (42:5, 11; 43:5). For the NT believer, how does the gospel bolster this same confidence?