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Malachi: God's Messenger

We just wrapped up a series on church planting and the work of the kingdom, and now we are about to begin a new series in the book of Malachi. Tom and I have been talking through this book, and we are prayerful and excited about how God will use this book in the life of our church. Please be in prayer for Tom as he studies each week, and take advantage of the Worship Preparation in order to meditate on the text yourself and/or lead your family in worship before we gather on Sunday. If you don't currently recieve the Worship Preparation email each week, please email and ask to be included on the distribution list.

Malachi is the last book in the Old Testament and the final prophetic voice before the incarnation of the Messiah. This prophet challenged God's chosen people for their spiritual lethargy and warned them of impending judgment for their unfaithfulness. At the same time he appealed to them with the possibility of healing and restoration for those who would fear the Lord. "Great is the Lord beyond the border of Israel!" (Malachi 1:5)

Below is an overview of the Malachi series. You might find it useful to print off this information and keep it in your Bible to help you read and study along with the series.



Sept 18

God is Great Beyond the Border

Mal 1:1-5

Sept 25

The Church and Her Weary Worship

Mal 1:6-14

Oct 9 The Lord's Miserable Messengers Mal 2:1-9
Oct 16 Being Faithful to the Covenant Union Mal 2:10-16
Oct 23 The God of Justice Comes Near Mal 2:17-3:5
Oct 30 Robbing God? Mal 3:6-12
Nov 6 A Servant Not Forgotten Mal 3:13-18
Nov 13 Waiting for the Day Mal 4:1-6