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March 25: Jesus Christ: The Shepherd King: Matthew 2:1-12

Sermon Summary 

Matthew, after recording the genealogy and miraculous birth of Jesus now speaks to how this king was received. God’s intention is to reveal Jesus as the king of all nations, worthy of all worship. Ironically, the Jewish nation that had been awaiting the Messiah rejects him in disbelief, while the Gentiles worship him as king, and are thus brought in as the new Israel to receive the blessings of this new age. Those who had much knowledge of the coming Messiah rejected him, while those who had little knowledge brought him gifts and worship. To receive Christ as king is not simply having an awareness of him, but having knowledge coupled with a heart of devotion, submission and delight in Christ.


Fellowship Starters

What does it reveal about God that these foolish Gentile stargazers are brought into mysteries of the kingdom? How does this divine irony reveal the greatness of God?

Consider Matthew 8:20 and Philippians 2:5-8. What light do these verses shed on the story of Jesus’ birth as a human among men who would reject him? And what does this result in according to Philippians 2:9-11?

How does the faithfulness of God in fulfilling this promise that was prophesied by Micah encourage us to trust him in the battles that we face today?

How does worship that is marked by joy and sacrifice display the genuine nature of the gospel?

Consider Psalm 2, which speaks to the kingship of Christ and the response of the nations to him, either rejection or adoration. What does Christ’s kingship imply for those who respond in disbelief?

It is often said that familiarity breeds contempt. Sadly it is true many times that those who know many things about Christ feel apathetic towards him. How can you fight against apathy towards Jesus?

Read how Paul completely embraced sacrifice for the sake of following his King in Philippians 3:9-14. What sacrifice have you failed to embrace in following Jesus as you king?