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May 6: Affirming the Beloved Son, Matthew 3:17-17

Sermon Summary

In the baptism of Jesus we see the heavens torn open, the Sprit descending, and God speaking, affirming that Jesus is the servant of God sent to save the world. In this remarkable passage we see a glorious and divine disclosure of the person and mission of Jesus where God expresses his delight in the Son over his willingness to humble himself to form and lead a new people. As you observe Jesus receiving the applause of heaven, consider whether your affections align with the God's very own affirmations of and love for the Son. May this lead you to repentance and faith as you consider these things anew.


Fellowship Starters

How does the humbling of Jesus in the baptism by John reveal his sympathy and the grace of God?

How does God's expression of delighting in the Son lead you to rest more securely in your salvation?

How does the baptism of Jesus help you encourage your brother in his fight against sin?

How do the Spirit and the water of baptism point us towards the promise that "he will make all things new"?