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Parents with Children

We are grateful for your ongoing efforts in leading your kids to Jesus. We know the task is not always easy, especially on Sunday mornings when you're trying to get everyone ready for church and out the door on time. In your efforts to love and lead your children on Sunday mornings, please keep these things in mind:

Children Outdoors: Please make sure your children understand that the air conditioning units could be dangerous for them to play around. They should not be near them, and wooden fences protecting them should not be used as forts.

Children Indoors: You could remind your kids that the platform is off limits, including the handicap ramp. The ramp is such a tempting place to play, but with various decorations and sound equipment on the stage and ramp, it is not a good place for the kids.

church-sleepy-kids-szdAlso, you might need to help them remember not to run in the building, especially the auditorium (i.e. the long aisles, that look like they were made for kids to sprint from one end to the other). Quick moving children can be dangerous to themselves and others, particularly those folks who have canes, walkers, or wheel chairs.

We’re also trying to reduce the frequency of children moving in and out of the sanctuary during worship. Sometimes there are unavoidable “emergencies,” but please do your best to have children get drinks and make bathroom breaks before the service begins so that distractions during the service can be minimized. One child leaving the room is not a problem, but it can be a contagious thing.

Even the best of parental instruction is not always well reflected in children's behavior. But as you've been doing, please continue to help your kids understand and practice good habits for loving each other in our gathering on Sunday mornings.