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Partnering with Christ Our Hope Church - Clifton, NJ



Christ Our Hope Church is the realization of a vision the Lord has given to Pastor Carlos Soca to return to North Jersey to plant a Christ-exalting, Word-honoring church in Clifton. And the Soca family will not be going it alone.

Since announcing the plant in early 2012, six more families in total – two already in Clifton – have been called to be a part of a great work to bring the hope of Christ to the most gospel-strategic region on the planet.

map_over_metro-300x284Imagine 22M people – one in 300 worldwide – living within 50 miles of Times Square.

Metro New York is the most populous and densely populated area in the U.S., where 65 percent of the residents are first or second generation immigrants.

It is home to over 500 people groups speaking over 800 languages, with only 2.5 percent of the population claiming any connection to an evangelical church.

Let's pray as a church that God would make our parntership with Christ Our Hope fruitful for the sake of the gospel in Clifton, North Jersey, and all of Metro-NYC!



The Nature of Our Partnership

The missions team announced to Christ Covenant Church on March 3, 2013 that we will be partnering with Christ Our Hope as they plant in Clifton. Please pray that we would serve them effectively as colaborers for the gospel! Here are a few of the things we look forward to:

  • Contributing to Christ Our Hope's financial needs
  • Fellowship between both elder teams
  • Both churches praying for each other
  • Short-term ministry trips to Clifton to assist in community outreach