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Planning for 2020

What are your plans for Bible reading and spiritual growth in the new year?

Have you ever gone to the gym on January 2? Don’t. It’s packed. And it will remain that way…for about a week. Those new years resolutions, better titled one-week wishes, quickly fade. For this reason, many people have become soured on the idea of making resolutions at the turn of the year. I was talking with a friend recently who said, “If I see something in my life that needs to change, I’ll start today rather than waiting for the new year.” Good thought.

However, the transition from one year to the next provides an excellent time to reflect on the condition of your relationships with God and others. Here are several helpful resources you might consider.

Make some plans, share it with someone else in the church, maybe do it together with someone if you're able. 

Ten Questions for a New Year (Donald Whitney)

Questions to help you chart a course for spiritual growth in the new year.

Read the Bible in a Year

Read the entire Bible, or just the New Testament, reading only five days a week, not every day. Of course, which Bible reading plan you use is less important than simply having a plan for reading the Bible regularly. You can also check out the Robert Murray M'Cheyne plan, which takes you through the whole Bible (twice through the psalms) in a year. Click here to see even more plans.