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Please Pray for the Jordan Evangelical Theological Seminary




Graduating Class with Dr. Imad and wife













Root Problem of Terrorism

There is a recent awakening in our region to the root problem of the ISIS ideology. It comes from the extremist ideas planted by mosque preachers and school curricula affecting the minds of children during their formative years. As a Jordanian journalist put it, it is an ideology of "the glorification of death, the lure of suicide bombing and the apostasy of opponents, which legalises shedding of their blood, confiscation of their properties and rape of their daughters." Pray that there is a an ongoing awakening to this fact.



Pray for the continued stability of Jordan, which by God's grace has been the country of refuge for so many from the surrounding countries. But whether there is stability or not, pray that believers here feel the added responsibility to spread the hope of the gospel.



With the chilling news coming from this region, there is also unprecedented turning away from what many have grown up to believe, and a discovery of the Savior of the world. Pray for the freedom and safety for these growing numbers so that they can grow in the Truth.


More Training

We at JETS are all the more energized to train more young men and women for effective ministry by introducing new and varied types of programs. JETS is in an ever urgent and strategic position to do so. Please pray for safety, strength, creativity and resources.