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Pray for Mothers this Week

Think about all the different women in our body here at Christ Covenant Church, especially the mothers. And let's take some time this week as a body to ask the Lord for grace for these women in their various stages of life.

Pray for women who are mothers, that they would be growing in their love for the gospel. Pray that they would find joy in displaying the gospel through creating in their homes a culture of love and self-sacrifice. Especially pray for new mothers who are adjusting to the demands of parenthood.

Pray for women who are raising children alone. These women are working hard and depending on the Father to comfort them in their hurt and need. Pray that God would make provision for them and that God would be using our body to be an encouragement to these women.

Pray for women who find Mother's Day bittersweet. Women who have never married and yet desire to be a wife and mother. Women who have wayward children that have brought great heartache. Women who have lost children either in birth or later in life. Women who are unable to have children due to infertility. As well as women who must delay having children because financially they are not able to afford it. Pray for all these women, that the God of all comfort would bring comfort to them in their affliction. And that they would even find in Him the faith to rejoice in their various trials, knowing that steadfastness in the midst of trials brings the believer by faith to completion.

Pray that many more would become mothers. Pray that young women in Raleigh consider abortion would choose rather to become mothers. Pray for Pregnancy Support Services and Rachel Roberson as they seek to help women making this decision to make a choice for life. Pray also that God would raise up women to be mothers to orphans through adoption. Since God has made us a part of his family, pray that we would be a body that is caring for orphans and bringing them into our families.