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Preparing for Easter 2020: A Guide for Holy Week

Use the videos below for each day of Holy Week, beginning on Palm Sunday.

It's a strange time to be preparing for Easter. Our thoughts about Easter usually center around celebrating the resurrection of Jesus Christ together with other Christians. We gather and worship and give thanks for his victory over death, then we gather in our homes for a wonderful meal, celebrating the new life he brings to us. 

But this year's Easter will be in quarantine. We'll worship alone or as a family and will share a much smaller meal in a much quieter home.

And yet the historical reality we celebrate is as public and powerful as it has ever been. It is a truth for all people, for all time, and it is powerful to bring life to the dead. This truth, "He is risen!" is unparalleled in its eternal significance.

Although our celebrations will be much different this year, the truth is as glorious as it has ever been.

Below are some videos that we've posted in previous years, one for each day of Holy Week, describing the events of that particular day in the life of Jesus, thus preparing our hearts to celebrate God's great kindness to us through the death and resurrection of Jesus.

Palm Sunday





Good Friday


Resurrection Sunday