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Resources on Jonathan Edwards

If you haven't read any good Christian biographies lately, perhaps it's time you pick one up. A. W. Tozer said, "Next to the Holy Scriptures, the greatest aid to the life of faith may be Christian biographies." As Tom mentioned this past Sunday there are many good reasons for getting your nose into biographies of saints gone before us. 

  1. God places saints of old before us to strengthen us in the faith. Paul in Romans 15:4 spok of examples as one of the means that God uses to instruct us.
  2. Seeing God's grace at work in the lives of imperfect saints encourages us to hope that God might use us.
  3. Learning history helps us to see the expansive nature of God's grace and mercy across ages and places, which brings increased awareness that God's faithfulness extends to all generations. 

With those reasons in mind, I'm sure you're ready to get into some biography. So here are a few recommendation of resources on the life of Jonathan Edwards.

Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God (Jonathan Edwards) - You can listen to an audio version of this famous sermon, read by Max McLean with a brief introduction explaining both the preacher and the sermon.

A Short Life of Jonathan Edwards (George Marsden) - This is a great initial read on the life of Jonathan Edwards. It's basically the "cliff notes" of his life and ministry (160 pages).

Heroes (Iain Murray) - This gold mine gives intoductory biographies on seven different heroes of the faith, men and women who were leaders among the Puritans (320 pages).

Jonathan Edwards on Heaven and Hell ( ed. Strachan and Sweeney) - Easily accessible and readable, these excerpts from the writing and preaching of Jonathan Edwards are scripturally fired material on the reality of the afterlife, the terror of hell, the glory of heaven, and the shape life must take in light of these realities (160 pages).

Jonathan Edwards: A New Biography (Iain Murray) - This outstanding detailed study is not only an exceptional biography; but it also serves as a classic illustration of how the church today can and should learn from its past history (504 pages)

Jonathan Edwards on Revival (Jonathan Edwards) - This volume contains one of Edwards' most analytical treatises on revival, Distinguishing Marks of a Work of the Spirit of God, and his famous Narrative of Surprising Conversions, a detailed account of the famous revival of religion at Northampton, Massachusetts.

Religious Affections (Jonathan Edwards) - Jonathan Edwards is best known as the theologian of revival. In this, his major study on the theme, he analyses the nature of a genuine work of the Holy Spirit.