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The Worth of Service: Mark 10:35-45

The teaching on January 22 was entitled The Worth of Service. Jesus redefined greatness for his people as a calling to serve even as he served. Below are some questions to help you discuss this redefinition with others.

You may also want to take time to consider the two warnings that Tom gave in light of the disciples' misperception of kingdom greatness. How do these warnings relate to Jesus' teaching on servanthood?

1. Be careful how you listen. 

2. Before glory there is suffering.

"There are few true Christians who do not resemble James and John, when they first begin the service of Christ. We are apt to expect far more present enjoyment from our religion, than the Gospel warrants us to expect. We are apt to forget the cross, and the tribulation, and to think only of the crown. We form an incorrect estimate of our own fortitude and power of endurance. We misjudge our own ability to stand temptation and trial. And the result of all is that we often buy wisdom dearly, by bitter experience, after many disappointments, and not a few falls."   [JC Ryle]

Fellowship Starters

Loving God's Glory

Consider the manner in which the Son of Man came not to be served, but to serve. How does lead us to gratitude?

Have you duly considered the cost that Christ paid to ransom you from sin? 

Loving God's People

The gospel is not simply a model to emulate but it is fuel to enable. In what way does the gospel funtion as "fuel," enabling us to serve others?

How does regular meditation on the glory of the gospel actually lead us into service? What has fundamentally changed about the nature of a Christian that frees him or her to serve with joy?

Loving God's World

How does the gospel appear great in the world by contast in regards to the nature of true greatness?

Who can you humbly and sacrificially serve for the purposes of adorning the gospel?