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Two Services Logistics

Beginning Sunday, March 19 Christ Covenant Church will be moving to two services on Sunday mornings. Please read the logistics below regarding this transition. 


1. Our Vision. Ultimately the goal is to see God’s kingdom reach more people. We understand that there are legitimate reasons for changing churches: some may simply be relocating, others may have shifted theologically, and others may be leaving because their former church has shifted theologically. Our desire is to have room for these believers as well as seekers who are looking for truth in God. We believe the preaching of the word, the singing of the word, the praying of the word and the fellowship around the word is the means of grace that God uses to draw people from darkness to light. Our desire is that you would see the move to multiple services to be an attempt for us to reach more people with the gospel. This is not strictly about resources and facilities but about maximizing our gifts and lives for his kingdom.

2. Current attendance. We have plenty of empty seats in the auditorium, so why have two services? We do have some empty seats on Sunday mornings, but the truth is we’re already nearing the point where it begins to feel full. Our auditorium seats 373 people, but in reality, any space (parking, classes or auditorium) feels full at 80% of capacity; people, especially visitors, feel like there isn’t room for more and growth tends to plateau. In 2016, we averaged 275 (75%) on Sunday mornings. Fourteen Sundays were at the 300 mark (80%) and five of those times we were at 325 or higher (90%). Two services will allow us to have the breathing room we need to continue to grow.

3. Start Date. Our first Sunday with the new schedule will be Sunday, March 19 (the week after daylight saving time).

4. Schedule. Early Service: 8:30-9:45am, Classes: 10:00-10:45am, Second Service: 11:00am-12:15pm

5. Music. The main worship leader will be the same for both services and the team will do the same set of songs. The two services will be identical in almost every regard though there may be slight variations on some weeks. We will not be having a traditional and a contemporary service.

6. “Two Churches.” We will work in a variety of ways to offset the tendency for two services to feel like “two churches.” We will have regular church-wide fellowship events throughout the year. Wednesday night programs will also be a place where everyone comes together.

7. Which Service? The first service is earlier than our current service, and the second service is later. So they’re both new. We would ask that for those for whom the early service would work, that you seriously consider helping us to make this transition a success by worshipping in the earlier service.

8. Children’s Church. At first, we will offer children’s church during only one service, at 11:00am. If there turns out to be a need during both services, we will work to offer children’s church during the 8:30am service as well. If you are able to join the children’s church team as a teacher or assistant, please contact Pam Hager at

9. Nursery. We will need to increase the number of nursery workers. While there will be fewer children per service, we will still need a fully staffed nursery for each service. If you are able to join the nursery service team, please contact Ann Roberson at

10. Ushers/Greeters. We will need to increase the number of ushers/greeters as well. If you are able to serve on this team, please contact Dave Marrow at

11. Care Groups. Because the second service ends at 12:15pm, care groups that meet for lunch on Sundays will need to plan to adjust for meeting a little later.

12. Serving. If you’re able, consider attending one service and serving during the other. This would be hard or impossible for many, but if you’re able please give that some thought.

13. Family Prayer. Each week, three different families are assigned for a family prayer time thirty minutes before the service begins. This prayer time has been at 8:30am but will shift back to 8:00am. We recommend that on your assigned week, you plan to attend the early service. But we also understand this is an early time that may be difficult for you and/or your family to attend.

If you have questions or concerns not addressed above, please contact Nik Lingle at