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Unity in Our Diversity: Ephesians 4:1-6

As we continue the Life Together series, we will focus this week on the role of unity in the midst of our diversity. Although we are many different people with different experiences and preferences, yet through Christ we have been brought into a oneness that takes precedence over any mere preference. Thus in this passage, Paul, having reminded us of redemption and blessing in Christ now moves to the ethical imperative of maintaining that Christian unity. We are called to make visible the blessing of unity that we have received and in this way we are to live in a manner worthy of the Gospel. The means to walking in a worthy manner is by the gentleness bearing with one another. The Christian’s attitude should be characterized by humility and his or her behavior should be characterized by loving discernment. These are fundamental principles to a community that is walking in a manner worthy of the gospel. In summary, because we have been made one through Christ, we must strive to reflect that oneness in that way that we relate to one another.


Fellowship Starters

Loving God’s Glory

  • How is God’s kindness displayed through the provision of unity in Christ? How does our striving to maintain this unity increase our joy in God?
  • How is the oneness of God displayed through the unity of the church?

Loving God’s People

  • Do you value unity in the church? How attentive are you to the maintenance of this unity?
  • Although unity in Christ is a spiritual reality that we cannot change, our actions may either contradict this reality or reflect it. What are you doing in one direction or the other?
  • How does our willingness to submit our rights to one another and act in gentleness and patience reflect the oneness to which we are called?

Loving God’s World

  • How does the careful nurturing of unity advance the corporate witness of the church to those outside the church?
  • How might your individual witness be affected by your unity or lack thereof with other Christians?