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Update #3 from Tom and Carol


Dear Sweet Church Family,

Tom and I are so filled with thanks for you as we have received many cards, texts and calls with words of comfort and encouragement over the loss of Tom’s mom. Anne’s funeral was Monday, October 17. Our hearts were overflowing when we walked into the church for the service and were greeted by a number of precious brothers and sisters from Christ Covenant Church. One person told me they “were representative of many, many more that wanted to be there as well.” We have felt every prayer and know the Lord is the One who enabled us to place one foot in front of the other. Our minds are still trying to wrap around the suddenness of Anne’s death, but our hearts are comforted knowing she is in the arms of the Lord.

Thursday we came home to Raleigh – quite numb and tired. As we pulled into the driveway we noticed something different on the side of the house…..A brand new shiny grill in place of our burned out old faithful. Tom was floored. This is not something we would buy for ourselves. As we lifted the lid to check it out there was something inside for me. A gift certificate to a spa! WOW!!! Now we’re talkin’ ☺ We want to thank you for such thoughtful and generous gifts!!!!

Finally, I wanted to share with you the eulogy Tom gave at the funeral. It was beautiful and will give you a picture of who Anne was. She loved coming to Raleigh these past 17 years. She came to know a number of people here and looked forward to conversations and visits when she was here. When I was going through papers in her desk she had a page that listed more than a dozen names of people from CCC that she wanted to check up on. In her handwriting, she listed the name of a CCC person and next to it something memorable about the person. My favorite one was: “Frank Rawley – red blazer.” Just precious.

While these times are challenging, they provide opportunities to love others in a way that cannot be done in normal times and for this we are grateful. We are anxious to be back with you. There is nothing like a loving church family.

Our love to you,

Tom and Carol

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