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Why you should join summer Bible study...

You may find that joining Summer Bible study is just the thing you need. Many times summer ends up being spiritually undirected. School semesters have a way of being organized and disciplined, even for those who aren't in school. But summer can fee like wandering in the wilderness.

This summer we will spend ten weeks walking through the history presented in Ezra and Nehemiah. These two books work together to show us God's continued faithfulness to despairing and despising people. A cloud of cynicism had descended on Israel.

But Ezra breaks on the scene with clarity of vision regarding the condition of the nation. He leads them toward renewed attention to the Word of God, resulting in piercing insight regarding their sin, which yields the happy fruit of confession and repentance. These books teach us the crucial importance of God's Word in defining the shape of our lives and decisions. They remind us that God can even use weak and sinful people to accomplish his purposes. And they encourage us to pursue God's will despite opposition. Join us this summer as we consider God's faithfulness to his children, that he leads us to repentance rather than destruction.

We will gather each Wednesday night for ten weeks, June 11- August 13, 7:00-8:30pm. Sign up in the narthex or contact Nik Lingle for more information at