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We are entering the most personal section of this letter. Paul is refuting accusations and criticisms of his ministry in Thessalonica. You know the story. Paul planted this church with great success. They grew quickly and yet faced opposition just as fast. His opponents started a riot and brought charges against these missionaries causing Paul and his workers to flee at night. A tough end to a brilliant start. Following this, many began to criticize Paul, his message, his motives and his manner. Was he just another traveling charlatan looking to profit off others? He allegedly started trouble and then quickly fled at night leaving them to face persecution alone. His love for them was questioned as well as the truth of the gospel. Have you ever been criticized unfairly? Has your character ever been maligned? Did you not want to explain yourself? After giving thanks to God for this church (1.2-10), he carefully contradicts these accusations by recalling his ministry among them. In this we see Paul’s heart for God and his people but also his efforts at godly ministry which led to a healthy church. Consider this call to ministry is not limited to pastoring but ministry as a mother, father, worker, elder, deacon, member of the church. His thanks from chapter one ended with a call to wait for the coming of the Lord. He shows us a model for waiting.

Review and Apply 

How can you encourage another to grow in a boldness in God?

What does boldness in God look like in your life at work?

What responsibility comes to us who are entrusted with the gospel?  This is not just elders/pastors but members as well. 

How can a person who struggles with man pleasing become God pleasing?

In what ways can you grow in gentleness in your relationship with others?

Who are you encouraging, exhorting and comforting to walk in a manner worthy of the gospel?

Speak to the good and bad of your ambition in ministry, life and work.

What changes in your life are needed for waiting for the Lord well? 


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