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Youth Retreat Report

As a leader for the youth, it seems like Sara Hood enjoyed the weekend as much as anybody! Here's her report:


I cannot say I have ever looked forward to a youth retreat with excitement; but then, I must admit that I have never come home from a youth retreat disappointed or regretting that I attended.

This year was no different! My hesitation in attending began weeks before and increased in intensity up to the day of the retreat. Once I was packed and in my car heading to the church, I knew all my reluctance was fear of the "unknown," selfishness, and partly a desire for adequate sleep!

Looking back on this past weekend, I would say that the retreat was amazing. The students were fun and attentive, worship and praise prepared our hearts to hear the teaching by our own Nik Lingle, Blair Robinson, and Scott Catoe, and small groups knitted our hearts together. We were reminded that our hope is in Christ, the highest King. We were challenged to evaluate our lives and ask ourselves if Jesus is our life or our religion, and our final teaching focused on how to live in light of Christ's supremacy.

My favorite activity of the weekend was an opportunity to serve downtown at Share Our Shoes (SOS). I am not even sure how to describe the special afternoon our youth group spent helping individuals and families in need of shoes. We had groups of students serving in all areas of SOS--some rubber banded matching shoes together and placed tags on each pair, some answered the phone giving directions, several sat outside talking to those waiting in line for their turn to come in, while others greeted those in need of shoes and pulled specific types and sizes. The picture that will forever remain in my mind is of students and leaders sitting on the floor fitting pair after pair of shoes on those who needed help, young and old. With a common goal of serving others, our group of 40+ sudents worked together for over 2 1/2 hours. What a blessing to witness the body of Christ coming together to display his love to others!

I was very touched and encouraged to see so many parents help with meals, open their homes to groups of students and help to drive the youth to the various events. Thank you to all who planned, prayed, and served to make the retreat possible.

We will always remember: God > X!